Our Consultancy Services

Our approach to the resolution of people, process and performance problems typically involves the follows steps:

  • Problem analysis
  • Generation of options
  • Selection of option
  • Development of intervention plan
  • Assistance with implementation
  • Follow up support.

We offer practical remedies to resolve people, process and performance problems at organizational, team and individual levels. This means that we don’t just tackle the symptoms but we also uncover the underlying causes. Our client will be offered a comprehensive set of useful recommendations designed to enable the client to self-help, and thereby avoid future problems arising.

Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and coaching are always available, both as part of an overall programme, or directly to key people.

Workplace Mediation

Barbara is skilled at dealing with difficult relationships, and she is qualified as a Workplace Mediator. From time to time she will be called upon to carry out a facilitated dialogue between conflicted parties. Further details available upon request.