3 Ways to build your resilience

3 Ways to build your resilience

Every one of us has challenges to face from time to time. Unexpected loss of a loved one, an accident, some shocking bad news, or maybe finding oneself in a head to head conflict with a close colleague or companion. Resilience is the capacity to withstand the stress of such challenges. Here are 3 ways that you can help build your own resilience:

It is important that you take care of yourself. This will enable you to be a stronger resource for yourself and for those that depend on you. Take time for yourself and take care of yourself. Exercise regularly, get enough sleep, eat well, and focus on interests, creative outlets, or activities that you find relaxing and enjoyable.
Making an investment in yourself will help you stay emotionally and physically fit to tackle the challenges of life.

Learn from your past
We can all learn from experience. Reflecting on your past experience of stressful events can provide insights into how to deal more effectively with a current challenge. Recalling how you have been able to handle stressful situations in the past will provide insights into your own resources. Think about what went well and what did not. There may have been things that you have done before which you could do again.
There also may have been certain people who were helpful to you in the past. Draw upon your past experiences when you need to.

Make an action plan
When stressful life events occur, it is quite natural to become immobilized and to withdraw from others for a time. However it is important to take decisive action as much as you can in order to mobilize your resources and recover. This might just involve some small steps to begin with, anything to prevent getting stuck in a negative state of mind for too long.
Some initial actions might include communicating with a trusted person, keeping up with an exercise routine, giving yourself time and space to think about, and plan, your responses to the challenge that life has thrown at you.

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Spring 2015.