Introducing Mediation in your workplace

Mediation has a particular resonance in the workplace. It is a cheaper alternative to tribunal claims and a speedier option which can nip in the bud potentially damaging disputes, offering a fresh approach to organisations wishing to avoid the potentially destructive effects of drawn-out conflict. However, organisations wishing to introduce mediation should consider carefully how best to implement the arrangements and the following questions are useful in provoking thought on key issues.


The checklist below has been taken from “Mediation: a guide for trade union representatives” available from Use it to analyse what actions your organisation may need to take to ensure best practice in the implementation of mediation in your workplace.


In my experience, time spent in thinking through and planning an implementation is never wasted. Consultation with staff representatives is worthwhile, to ensure maximum understanding of mediation and achieve buy in and commitment. Awareness training is valuable for all employees, but in particular for those with people management responsibilities.

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June 2012.